Individual Packages

Sometimes a fresh perspective plus a little focus is all that is needed to align your work with your vision. These packages are designed to help you quickly “see” the direction you need to take and move into action. Since every session is conducted virtually, you can work from where you are most comfortable.

Regardless of which package you choose, we work collaboratively to visually organize information into manageable pieces. Each package includes:

Step 1: Interactive Session:

While we talk, I’ll be creating a visual representation of our conversation, which you’ll be watching me create in real time through our screen share.

Step 2: Custom Visuals:

After each session, I’ll send you the visual notes I made for you during our conversation. You can use this visual story as an action plan. I may use it to create a custom infographic you can share with others.

Step 3: Strategy Call:

At the close of our work together, we’ll connect again for a quick strategy session to be sure you are clear on your next steps and top priorities.

Not sure which package is best for you? Let’s set up a call to discuss your particular needs and determine the best package to meet those needs.

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Give yourself the space to pause and find your purpose again.

Whether you are focused on your business or your entire life – operating in the present while planning for the future is where you want to be, but sometimes it is a struggle to find that place. Pausing to reflect on the past could actually get you there faster. You will celebrate your accomplishments and accept the challenges you faced. You’ll feel proud of the lessons learned and most importantly walk away with a future plan of action.


  • 2-hour Virtual Interactive Session
  • Visual Notes + Action Plan
  • 30-minute Follow-up Strategy Session

This session is ideal for:

  • Busy solopreneurs trying to juggle the many roles of business ownership. Use this session to hold you accountable for building a strategic plan for your business plus give yourself a huge pat on the back for the awesome work you are doing (you probably don’t celebrate your hard work enough!)
  • Individuals who are living in transition. Whether you are in need of a change or are living in constant change, use this session to explore the different perspectives in your life – Health, Finances, Work, Community and Social. – and design a holistic action plan for your future.
  • Knowledge workers who yearn for more than “just a job”. Use this session to infuse your passions into your day job.


Lose that overwhelmed feeling.

Often our minds are overstuffed with thoughts, holding too much in the short-term repository – there just isn’t enough room to add new info or create space to develop a thought further.
These strategy sessions are customizable and intended to provide the space to unload what is on your mind so you are able to “see” the next step you should take. Choose which topics to discuss and schedule when you need them most.


  • Six 1-hour Virtual Strategy Sessions
  • Visual Notes + Action Plan for each session

You may want to schedule a session if you:

  • Are starting a project and uncertain what to tackle first.
  • Use these calls as a planning tool for your project by creating a visual project plan.
  • Have so many ideas, but not enough time or space to grow them on your own. Use these calls as a brainstorm tool to generate or organize your ideas.
  • Need some accountability. Use these calls to stay on track with your action plans. Schedule these quarterly once you have completed a Set Your Goals session.


Define your core business.

PART 1: Dig into your business through collaborative discussion to discover the core foundational elements of your business – your core values, the goods offered, your unique twist, your motivators and your people. Find your unique story and define the purpose behind your work with visual storytelling tools.


  • 2-hour Virtual Interactive Session
  • Visual Notes
  • 30-minute Follow-up Strategy Session

Share the story of your business.

PART 2: Now that you have your core business elements and purpose define, let’s jump into brainstorming around capturing the story of your business visually, in a way that can be easily shared with your audience. We will translate your story into an accessible format that can really connect people with your work.


  • 1-hour Virtual Interactive Session
  • Visual Notes
  • Custom Business Story Infographics
  • 30-minute Follow-up Strategy Session


Clarify how you do your best work.

Having a defined process can be super powerful. It can help clarify the unique way of how you do your work – and turn that into a selling point. A process will create guidelines to follow so that you can consistently offer quality work – that is definitely a brand image you want to project to clients. It is also a great way to build a strong foundation for your work and effectively get things done. We will translate your process into a custom visual everyone can understand.


  • 1-hour Virtual Interactive Session
  • Visual Notes
  • Custom Process Infographic
  • 30-minute Follow-up Strategy Session