Group Packages

Diverse perspectives in a group can get messy and yet the people are the greatest asset to a group. The key to using those perspectives to your advantage is to share, understand and respect each other’s opinions and ideas. Regardless of which package you choose, we will work collaboratively to visually capture and organize everyone’s thoughts in a creative and non-confrontational way.

For years, I have been listening to organizations, small business teams and community groups talk through their challenges. These packages were created out of the patterns I’ve heard from passionate and innovative groups in the Pittsburgh area and beyond.

Because no two groups are the same, custom packages are offered. All sessions are scheduled in-person with group members and each package includes:

Step 1: Interactive Session:

As I lead the group through a discussion, I’ll be creating a large-scale visual representation of our conversation. We’ll use the group’s shared information to expand understanding, make connections and identify next steps.

Step 2: Custom Visuals:

Groups may keep the original visual notes made during the conversation and will also receive a digital version of the visual notes after the session. I may use it to create a custom infographic the group can use internally or share with others.

Step 3: Action Planning:

At the close of each session, we’ll begin planning next steps for the group. Then they can use their visual story for reference in future sessions to spark the next conversation and continue with building action plans.

Not sure which package is best for you? Let’s set up a call to discuss your group’s particular needs and determine the best package to meet those needs.

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Interested in having your next event (conference, retreat, presentation, meeting etc.) captured visually? Contact me for availability and pricing for the creation of live, large-scale visual notes.


Clarify how your group does your best work.

Having a defined process can be super powerful. It can help clarify the unique way of how you do your work – and turn that into a selling point. A process creates guidelines to follow so everyone in your group can consistently offer quality work – that is definitely a brand image you want to project to clients. It is also a great way to build a strong foundation for your group’s work and effectively reach your goals. Collaboratively, the group will create consistent language and a custom visual that succinctly explains your unique process.


  • 2-hour Strategy Session
  • Large-Scale Visual Notes
  • Digital file of Visual Notes
  • Custom Process Infographic

  • service-assemble-your-story

    Define your core work + Share your story.

    Together your group digs into the core of your work to discover the foundational elements – your core values, the goods offered, your unique twist, your motivators and your people. You’ll assemble a unique story and define the purpose behind your work with visual storytelling tools. Then your group will brainstorm around capturing that story visually, in a way that can be easily shared with your audience. Your story will then be translated into an accessible format that can really connect people with your work.


    • 3-hour Strategy Session
    • Large-Scale Visual Notes
    • Digital file of Visual Notes
    • Custom Business Story Infographics


    Lose that overwhelmed feeling.

    Often the thought of taking on a huge project or plan is overwhelming. Without clear priorities and assigned actions, groups can have difficulty remaining focused on long-term goals.

    These strategy sessions are customizable and intended to provide the space to expand beyond your immediate work and “see” the next steps your group should take. The group can choose which topics to discuss and schedule when they need it most.


    • Four 2-hour Strategy Sessions
    • Large-Scale Visual Notes + Action Plan for each session
    • Digital file of all Visual Notes
    Schedule these sessions when your group:

    • Needs accountability and focus. Use these sessions as a progress review for everyone to stay on track with their action plans. Schedule these quarterly to continue the work from a Set Your Goals Session.
    • Has so many ideas, but not enough time or space to grow them. Use these sessions as a brainstorm tool to generate or organize the groups’ ideas and agree on next steps.
    • Begins a large project with little or no direction. Use these sessions as a planning tool for your project by creating a visual project plan and regular progress updates.


    Give yourself the space to pause and find your purpose again.

    Staying focused on the business can be tricky for groups. They must walk a line between operating in the present and planning for the future, working on the day-to-day tasks while aligning to a long-term plan. Often times it is a struggle to find that place. You can actually get there faster if you take time to pause, reflect and draw out your story – discuss what has occurred, celebrate your accomplishments and accept the challenges faced. Your entire group will feel proud of the lessons learned and more importantly walk away with a future plan of action.


    • Full Day Strategy Session
    • Visual Notes + Action Plan
    • Digital file of Visual Notes


    Communicate your story + ignite action in others.

    When you are creating purpose-driven work, your passion can’t help but shine through. You may have no shortage of information to share with your customers and supporters. And often times that is the challenge – to slim down all the information so you can effectively communicate your story.

    There is power in simplifying – by translating large amounts of information into a succinct visual, you are cutting through the sometimes ambiguous details and providing a clear summary and call to action.


    • 1-hour Discovery Call
    • Custom Hand-drawn Visuals
    • Digital file of all Visuals
    Visually translate large amounts of information when you need to:

    • Present complex content. Use colorful information graphics to transform a lengthy annual report or community assessment document into a visual that others will actually read and retain.
    • Educate and inspire others. Create a whiteboard video animation to represent details of a call-to-action project, process, or training with dynamic illustrations.
    • Make connections + decode patterns. Visual notes capture conversations in conference presentations, focus groups and round-table discussions using live large-scale drawings.