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I finally finished up my year in review of 2013! Woo hoo!

This was the first time I used a formal template and it really helped me to capture all my thoughts. As I solidified my goals for 2014, I wanted to be sure I was creating goals that would align well with all aspects of my life AND really be meaningful to me. So I created a template, closely based on the Wellbeing categories, to keep me on track.

What Fuels You - emilymarko.com

Each goal I identified had to fall into one of the 6 categories and truly be something that would fuel me through out this year.  My plan is to keep the template posted in my office as a reminder of what to focus on so I remain content, full and balanced.

  • Career covers the details of what I do – type of work, clients, environment, etc.
  • Health is about how I keep my whole self healthy – physical, mental and spiritual. The Wellbeing category is Physical, but Health resonates with me more.
  • Community is all about how I interact with and support my communities – neighborhood, school district, city, state, country and organizations I belong to.
  • Financial is about the security of my finances, but also how I track and spend.
  • Social focuses on people I interact with on a regular basis.
  • Family is a huge focus for me so I separated it out from Social.

These categories seem to be working for me, but its flexible. I have a client who tweaked this to fit her situation.
Are there different categories you would use?

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