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Have you ever said “yes” to a request and then afterwards thought “Why did I say I would do this?!” Sometimes we agree before we have truly thought through what the commitment means to us. Often, the actual word “yes” isn’t even spoken, but our actions say it anyway. For example, have you ever seen a number pop up on your phone and just know it is something or someone you do NOT want to deal with at the moment? Against your better judgment, you answer the call and sigh – you just said “yes” whether you know it or not!

Or are you inclined to say “no” to a request before the question is ever finished? Maybe you are so busy and would prefer to not even take the time to listen.

There seem to be plenty of opinions on how you should answer these requests. This article gives you some reasons for why your answer should be “yes”. This one points out reasons why you should say “no” more often.

A quick Google search will pull up many more articles on the Yes/No debate. They all have valid points, but the most important factor is what you are giving up when you answer. Possibly it is time with family or an opportunity to grow your business. It is about finding a balance, but you must take the time to really

Recently, I have been practicing an exercise to weigh my options. I keep a visual template of What Fuels Me at my desk and refer to it when I need to make a choice between doing or not doing something. I determine the pros vs cons of how the decision will effect each “category” of my life – Financials, Whole Health, Work, Family, Community, and Social. Then I ask myself some specific questions on how the decision will impact me.

For bigger decisions, especially ones that will impact my time and energy levels this practice is very helpful. I take the time to determine how the decision aligns with my personal core values and also my strategy for my business. This practice has even worked when deciding whether to take on certain projects.

Download this free template and try it out next time you need to make a decision in your personal or professional life.

Do you lean more towards saying “yes” or “no”?

What kind of process do you go through when making decisions?

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