Thank You Universe – I Finally Got It!

I have found it to be true in my life that when I am ready to move forward (whether I know it or not) the Universe will throw signs at me from every direction. I normally breeze by the first few signs and then one smacks me square in the face.

  • First Sign
    Started with a blog post from Britt Reints a few weeks ago. Great post, but I initially thought to myself “Who me? I don’t have any stories I need to let go of.”
  •  Second Sign
    Came in several potential projects that were thrown at me which required clarity on my list of services.
  • Third Sign
    Was jumping up and down in front of me while I discussed the direction of my list of services with a friend.
  • Fourth and Final Sign
    Showed up in the form of a virtual event through Propelle [which was awesome – check out the recorded video and the visual notes below] that touched on a topic I try to avoid or at least I used to – Public Speaking. It didn’t hit me while I was listening to the event, but rather when I was editing the visual notes I created from the event.

ValHead_Tips - EmilyMarko.comValHead_QA -

My Old Story: I do not and cannot successfully speak in public.

Val Head’s #5 Tip – Start Small to Build Confidence really resonated with me. I always seem to want to take GIANT leaps. Sometimes it is best to test the waters and gain some skills and confidence. Push forward BUT be smart!

I have all these ‘rules’ in my head on what I can and cannot do – whether it is a physical thing or some particular way I think I should create my work. These ‘rules’ are seriously limiting what I should be doing.

My New Story: I can and have spoke in public and it has gone well – when I was prepared, when I was passionate on what I was speaking about and when it was a smaller group.

I made the mistake of thinking ‘for real’ public speaking is standing at a podium in front of 300 people. I have bombed so many presentations or formal discussions – and they haunt me or at least create a story that does not have to be true any more.

So thank you Universe. You should be proud – it only took 4 signs!

Has the Universe been trying to tell you something lately?

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