Jess Strong

“I cannot recommend Emily’s process highly enough. It is amazing to have the space to talk about yourself and your business for an hour, and then see her visualizations that make all these connections and ideas so apparent.”

Donna Bogosto Kearns

“The task of redefining who I was as an artist felt very overwhelming. It was essential that I had a facilitated process so I could retain my focus… The visuals helped to simplify my thinking process and I can refer back to them when I need a nudge. I now know what I want to say, how to say it and who to say it to.”

New Sun Rising

New Sun Rising’s work spans multiple programs with a wide variety of participants. Our challenge was finding a framework and developing shared language that our program managers could use to communicate effectively. Emily’s graphic facilitation techniques creatively helped us work through our model. By deeply understanding the journey of our clients across all programs, we were able to land on a process infographic which makes sense for New Sun Rising – and those we serve.

Studio & Guesthouse

“The visual review really helped put all aspects of my past year into perspective…I had a lot of fun watching Emily draw and loved the personal recommendations given during the session.”

Audrey Vanim

“I gained clarity on who I am and where I want to go next in my life and business.”