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My mind has always been pulled towards a good story, lately I have been thinking about why that is. I believe for me, stories are how I relate to other people whether connecting with family and friends or building new relationships with clients. Stories help me find commonalities with people I meet, but also teach me more about who they truly are as a person.

Although we all come from different walks of life, I find it rather easy to befriend a person when a story is shared – theirs or mine. Sharing a part of yourself  – whether with a stranger or someone you are close with – requires a degree of honesty and vulnerability, but that is why I can relate to another person.

Early this month, I took a road trip with my dad to pack up my daughter’s dorm room.  A lot of stories can happen in a 4 hour drive. We talked about plenty –  best chinese restaurants, bad drivers, vacation plans, kids and reminiscing about the past. What stuck in my mind is how well my dad tells stories – it is a natural gift for sure. Between his delivery and subject matter, he tells stories that I want to hear over and over again! This instance, he shared several stories from his time in the Air Force while stationed in Vietnam. Though I can’t relate to being part of a war in a foreign country, sharing amazing and mostly funny stories about himself did make me feel closer to him.  I definitely can relate to his drive to experience different things in life by taking advantage of new opportunities.  Those experiences gathered throughout our lives can tell a great story, often times it is all in how we piece those experiences together and share them.

One of the things that I love helping people with is exploring and shaping their own story, especially when they feel like they don’t have a story to tell.  Using my visual storytelling tools, I can help you draw out the parts of you story that will really help connect you with others. Whether you are a small business owner looking to connect to customers, or a non-profit looking to share your story with the community that cares about your cause, using visual tools to open up to your story can help you translate it into an accessible format that people will really connect with.  And while my Dad’s natural gift is telling stories, mine is helping you to find your unique story to tell.

If you’re looking for someone to help you find and tell your unique story, I’d be happy to help.  Contact me at to schedule a call to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

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