It Matters

yellow background with white circle in the middle. Illustrated Vote pin animates with top half of circle turning teal blue and bottom half turning light pink. 4 stars appear in blue and pink shapes. the word VOTE flies in from right and lands in the middle of the pin

I don’t have a long message for you…

Today, Election Day, is a high anxiety day for me. I’ve been up for 6 hours already (not planned!) and have avoided email and the internet in general thus far. Instead I decided to learn a new skill – creating animated gifs!

So I’ve shared my first go at an Adobe Animate gif.

illustrated dashed line

Today is the last day to vote in the US. If you haven’t done so yet – check out to find out how you can.

Yes, voting does matter. Right now it especially matters for the safety of so many – people of color, LGBTQ+, immigrants, refugees, any person at high risk for COVID, etc.

That could possibly be your family member, friend, neighbor, colleague, client or one of theirs.

Here is a much better analogy than I would come up with for why voting matters by Ash Ambirge.

Happy Last Day of Voting!

Cognitive Dissonance

June 18, 2020

Live illustration of Vernee Smith’s May 30, 2020 Video Post about Cognitive Dissonance

Sometimes I LOVE social media – when it works for the good and amplifies voices that need heard. I happened across a video from Vernée Smith on a Facebook group and I believe her voice needs heard. Vernée so succinctly explains cognitive dissonance and her video with all its analogies was begging to be illustrated.

I love the idea of a journey from one truth to another. Vernée provides an explanation on the tools needed as we go on that journey.

Check out her video – have a listen and let me know your thoughts.

June 19, 2020

Vernée Smith also hosted a webinar with RMU’s Bayer Center for NonProfit Management where she expanded on cognitive dissonance and shared how we can have brave conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion.

If your organization is looking for speakers on how to have those conversations, I highly recommend considering Vernée.

June 24, 2020

A friend of mine – who teaches on cognitive dissonance – shared a lengthy but interesting article on it. Check it out here.