Plan Your Day

Plan Your Day -

24 hours. It seems like a lot of time, but how quickly it can pass you by. There seem to be so many different things that need to be taken care of in just that one day. If you are anything like me, you may create very lofty goals for that one day and then feel complete disappointment when many (or all) of those goals are unmet. Or you don’t take the time to plan any goals and you get sucked in to Pinterest for hours (yeah, that happens sometimes).

Last week I wrote about being more productive by prepping for mornings the evening before. That definitely helped to get my day started, but if I don’t have a direction for my day, no amount of prepping the night before can make the next day productive. This week, I want to share two templates I have been using to plan my days.

The first template provides space to identify goals for each area of your life – health, financial, household, community, work and social. I use these categories as a reminder of what is important (remember the Big Rocks!), but also to cut down on feeling overwhelmed. By simplifying my life into six categories with goals for each, I feel more in control of my time. Every week I fill out a new template, but it could be completed monthly if that is what works for you.

Once the weekly goals are captured, the second template is used to schedule daily action steps that will help me meet those goals. The day is broken down into thirds – morning, afternoon and evening. Instead of just one day, I have three opportunities to plan what I will do during my day. Some mornings, I schedule health first with a workout. Other mornings, my schedule focuses on work if there is a deadline approaching. As changes occur, I adjust my schedule but I never lose sight of my goals. The icons for each category are reminders so I don’t get hung up in one area.

Try out the Weekly Schedule and Plan Your Day templates and let me know how it works for you!

How do you currently schedule your days?
Do you focus on all areas of your life or get hung up on a few?

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Be Productive

Time -

Last month was spent making space and refocusing on goals. Now that July is here it is time to figure out how to fit those goals in. Summer schedules are in place now in my household; which means my time looks VERY different. I know it’s coming every year, but I still find myself struggling with getting things done in the summer – so the focus for July is Be Productive!

I do know when I am organized and prepared that I am most productive so I have been reading up on productivity. I ended up with some light bulb moments.

1. There is a difference between busy work and productive work. I need to start practicing what I preach and dump the busy work. I will NOT utter the phrase “I am so busy” again. You can read more about it here.

2. Everyday I have 24 hours to do something with. I can choose what I do with that! I figured that one out here.

3. I am more likely to accomplish something if I schedule it on my calendar. The days I schedule out are much more productive so I will take time to schedule what matters. Read more about scheduling tips here.

So this month I am pulling out all the planning tools I can handle to keep my momentum going.

What resources help you to be more productive?
Are there specific areas you struggle with productivity?

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