Change Won’t Leave Me Alone

Just when you were getting used to this place
You were getting used to these bones
You were getting used to the changes
Well the change won’t leave you alone
– Jack Johnson

I have been listening to Jack Johnson’s Change on repeat probably for the last month. Something about it is just sticking with me – I think it is the realization of how much Change is staring me in the face.

>> It was there as I sat in the parking lot this afternoon waiting for the very last day of preschool to end for my son.

>> It was hanging out in the coffee shop as I chatted with a financial planner about college plans for my (soon to be high
school senior) daughter.

>> It was there last week as my husband and I celebrated and reflected on our sixth wedding anniversary.

>> It is waving its hand at me as I reevaluate the purpose of my business.


Coincidentally the visual notes I created this week for the Pennsylvania Governor’s Innovation Office iTeam Assembly had a strong theme around Change – managing, leading and learning from it.

iTeam Change Surviving Journey -

There are a few points from the event that are still resonating with me:

1 – It is not the end, but the journey that is important

2 – Change is inevitable, growth is optional

3 – Preparation and good communication are key to handling change

4 – We are never done learning


So yeah – Change won’t leave me alone because it is everywhere – whether it is personal, work or somewhere in between. Makes sense since the only consistent thing in life is Change.

It can be scary and super frustrating. Things can always be done differently or better. Life is for sure not perfect, but I guess without Change life wouldn’t even exist.

So I will take Change as the opportunities to learn, grow and try again.
How about you?

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