Maintain You

Just over a year ago, I was writing about throwing out my bucket and realizing the importance of life maintenance. Although, that was clarifying, I still don’t necessarily feel like I am in control of the daily maintenance of my life. It is sneaky – the gradual build up of ‘stuff’ or things to-do and … Read more

Focus on the Inner Business

  As an entrepreneur, I feel like I am always thinking about my business. That does not necessarily mean I am focusing on the correct things though. Since I am a sole-proprietor, I take on many roles. Those roles require my focus to be in several different places – normally all at once. It is always a … Read more

Park It

If you have ever attended a formal meeting – in the corporate world or elsewhere – the term Parking Lot is probably familiar. Parking Lots are used as a way to capture ideas, issues and comments that surface during a meeting. They are documented in some way so the information isn’t lost and action can … Read more


Zentangle – have you heard of it?! Apparently I have been living under a rock because I knew nothing of its Awe.Some.Ness. Until a few nights ago that is – when I attended a Zentangle workshop at my local library. What is Zentangle? I call it meditative doodling. Jen Kwiecien, the engaging workshop facilitator and Certified … Read more

Let’s Work Together
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