Balancing Act

I had a bit of clarity this past weekend as my son was in mid-melt down. He had watched a couple cartoons, then played some games on the ipad and I decided his electronic use was done for the day.  He did not agree – hence the melt down.

Not the first time that has happened, so I was sort of just done with the scenario playing out again. So I stepped back and thought for a while and then…LIGHT BULB!

I love structure, organization, planning – it makes me feel in control of what is going on and it is pretty darn effective when used correctly. So I got to work and created a chart for my son. One that is simple enough for him to understand and me to implement.

Electronics Time -

As I was creating this chart I realized lately my focus has been on balance. Balance in life, but specifically in how I – and my family – fill our days. I am becoming more mindful about what I say YES to.

Whether it is a simple thing like deciding not to eat the entire chocolate bar even if it is organic and free of soy, gluten and dairy.  Or something more complex such as passing on a potential job because I would have to say NO to something else I wanted to do.

When I find something (objects, activities, food) I really like I have a tendency to stock pile. Sometimes it is a comforting go-to, other times I am creating a collection of those things I love and every once in a while its out of fear of losing that ‘something’.

It takes discipline to keep my days balanced and not over indulge, I attribute my focus to my 2014 goals. I have tried to weave my goals into each day/week/month as best as I can and I am amazed at how effective it is.

So how do you keep your days balanced with what matters?

P.S. My television really does look like the sketched box TV – maybe its time for an upgrade.