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This month ended nicely, with my thoughts on giving thanks to what and whom I have in my life. Unfortunately, it has also been a difficult month, experiencing both personal loss and sadness/frustration over global circumstances. Although I am feeling a range of emotions, I have remained focused on being a magnet for what I want to see more of in life.

This reminds me of a Positive Vibes List template I created, which is a simple list of all the people who may need some positive vibes sent to them. I have kept my own list on my white board for several years. It consists of people I know, but also strangers whose stories I have heard and felt they could use an extra good vibe. Every time I look at the list, I send out a happy thought to each person.

The act of sparing a few seconds to think a happy thought doesn’t take much effort, but I believe there is more power to that act. By giving positive vibes out into the world, I made a choice, without even knowing it, that I have certain expectations of others – that everyone should act with empathy and kindness. I raised the bar for myself and others around me.

I think the state of our world requires more of us to stop and think before we act and choose what we want to attract more of through our actions. So as I look at my list and notice my frustrations, I choose to be more empathetic and kind. I choose to yell a little less, appreciate a little more, accept and celebrate others’ differences, avoid judging without the full story and take ownership for the role I play in this world.

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Try making a Positive Vibes List for yourself.

What does the list tell you about your cares and frustrations?

Is there somewhere you can stop and think and choose a different action?

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2 thoughts on “Sending Positive Vibes”

  1. I just found your blog and am really enjoying looking around. I love this idea of a whiteboard with a positive vibes list of people who need good vibes. I might try it out for myself 🙂

    • Hi Hilary! Glad you are enjoying it! I have found my whiteboard is super easy – its in my office so everything is near by. Let me know how it works out for you!

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