Self-Awareness Rocks!

So I have a confession to make – I LOVE self-assessments! Whether it is to test my personality, learning style, favorite color meaning, conflict type, strengths indicator, or even a numerology calculator – I love to learn about myself! I am not sure if my interest (sometimes obsession) came from all that time I spent working in HR or if I was always intrigued by a simple set of questions being able to describe me so well. Whatever the reason, I was reminded recently that self-awareness is very important.

Last week, I participated in a Celebration Challenge (remember I love those challenges too!) to celebrate what I love about ME. I realized it has taken me a long time to be able to recognize these attributes but also to celebrate them positively. It was a great reminder that we are who we are. There is of course always room to learn, grow and be a little better of a person, but being ME is good enough awesome!

Celebrate Me -

I also celebrated my daughter’s 18th birthday last week – she is now considered a legal adult – yikes! Since this milestone I have found myself in a bit of a panic thinking “Oh no, did I teach her everything she needs to know to be an adult!?” Of course, I must have missed a teaching moment somewhere over the last 18 years, but I do feel more confident that I didn’t completely screw up — because I taught her self-awareness. Yes, she has completed her fair share of self-assessment too! When you get to know and celebrate yourself, there isn’t a need to listen to others’ opinions of who you are or who they think you should be. She knows and accepts herself and just as importantly, she accepts others for who they are. She still has some learning to do, but I think she is off to a great start! <insert pat on back>

So what have we learned?!

  • We are all awesome just being ourselves
  • Try to learn as much as you can about yourself
  • It is okay to be obsessed with self assessments

How do you become more self aware?
Do you use any cool assessment tools?

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