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Have you ever felt completely stuck? Have you ever made a bad decision? It happens to all of us, but what we do next is what really matters. You could replay the situation over and over and over again OR you could say “Thank You” for the experience.

Two years ago I participated in a Project Miracles program that focused on truly being grateful for where you are right now. The idea of genuinely saying thank you for the good and bad of life gives you the ability to move past a particular moment or situation and free yourself from getting hung up on it later. This process was pivotal in my personal life as well as moving my business forward.

This acceptance process is part of my Visual Review Strategy Sessions. Each time a client experiences the session, I immediately see how freeing the process is for them. Even for myself, I feel so at ease and in control of my future after I complete my 6-month visual reviews. By simply acknowledging and accepting what happened in the past, opportunities seem to open up for the future.

Even if you are feeling low about a situation, try looking it in the face and truly accept the situation for what it is. Then genuinely say Thank You and see how easy it is to move on!

As a new practice for myself, I created a template to fill out every day (or as needed) to document my gratitude. I take a few moments to write down three things I am grateful for and the reason. Documenting the actual reason behind my gratitude has helped me move past the not-so-good things a little easier.

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Is there something you need to say thank you for?

What is hanging over your head right now?

Is there someone that you are so grateful to have in your life?

What type of gratitude practice do you use?

Download this Free Gratitude Template and try it out.

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