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As 2014 comes to a close, I have started my review of the year. Innovation seems to be one of the reoccurring themes, especially over these last few months. I have been surrounded by so many new ideas and events and it has me wondering if there is a recipe for good innovation. Based off my experiences lately, I have come up with a few ingredients.

Recipe for Innovation -

During a whiteboard animation project for OTB (Out of The Box) Talks, I realized how important perspective is to innovation – the right perspective, but also diverse perspectives. OTB Talks captures and shares stories of how innovators think and find their way to success. Sometimes we are all stuck in a box – it might look a little different for each of us and for different reasons. The way to get out of the box is to move your position, ignore the invisible (or possibly visible) walls we or someone else has put up or find a new perspective.


You can move all around “the box” to find perspective, but if that idea isn’t able to make a connection with anyone is it a great idea? Working with the Sprout Fund lately, I have witnessed some amazing ideas and programs for Pittsburgh. They are truly the kings and queens of innovation because they put power into so many peoples’ hands and minds. Connecting the mentor to the mentee, the learning to the student, the idea to the teacher is a huge part in making Pittsburgh a model city for innovation.

LearningPathways -

Perspective – check. Connection to the right people – check. The last ingredient for successful innovation is Passion. As I worked with Jenna Date and Tim Corcoran on their Nebukin project this was clear. I could see it in their eyes and hear the passion in their voices as they spoke of the daily life and challenges a child with Cystic Fibrosis goes through. Passion was at the forefront of why their team won the PInCH award this year. You have really got to love and believe in what you are doing in order to give 110%.

Nebukin -

What would you add to the recipe for innovation?

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