Power of Positive Thinking

I find it very difficult to quiet my mind. It is something I am constantly working at. So at any given moment there are INFINITE amounts of thoughts swirling through my mind. Lately I have had a thought – well a person – on my mind. That person is Johnny Mucha. This name probably does not mean anything to you and quite honestly it didn’t mean anything to me until a few weeks ago.

Johnny is a 10th grade soccer player and showband member at my daughter’s school. Probably a regular teenager who sleeps in too late, waits until the last moment to finish his homework and never cleans his room. He also is in a coma because of encephalitis at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and has been since January 2nd of this year.

So why do I tell you this?
Now I know I am an empathetic person so I can easily put myself in Johnny’s family’s place and this is a blow to a tight knit community I am a part of.  I also know that there are probably similar or possibly worse situations than Johnny’s happening in your family and community.

I tell you this because I feel helpless. Well at least that WAS how I felt.

When I first heard of the situation my heart hurt for Johnny and his family and friends and then I was just plain frustrated. What could I do really? I had no skills, knowledge or wealth – no control over changing the situation. This had weighed on me for weeks, but then I realized I could do something.

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Positive Energy of Thought
I could keep doing what I have been doing all along – putting my positive energy of thought towards Johnny’s recovery. I was traveling last week so I was delayed on writing this post by a week and when I returned I found a message in my inbox from the band boosters – Johnny moved his lips and mouth! It doesn’t sound like much, but he was not responding to any sensory stimulation the week prior.

Do I think I caused this to happen just by my positive thoughts? Well, not on my own I didn’t do it, BUT there is a large community and neighboring communities that have been wishing, hoping and praying for Johnny’s recovery. There are t-shirts being sold, spaghetti dinners planned, e-cards being sent.

So YES I believe I played a part! Now I can’t get into scientific, quantum physic details of how this works, but I can try to simplify complex ideas.

Every living organism is made up of energy.  Energy cannot be destroyed. Therefore, energy is power.
Energy can change shape and size. If we are made up of powerful energy then:

  • We have the power to choose the shape of our energy
  • We have the power to move our energy where it is needed
  • We have the power to change something else’s energy
  • A collection of energy becomes even more powerful

In conclusion
Positive energy does not cost you any thing. It does not take away from you. It does not run out. To the contrary, it makes you richer and fuller.

If I can’t quiet my mind (and even if I can) I choose to send positive thoughts to everyone I know and everyone I don’t know in the hopes we will all become a little more connected and I can lend a little help when needed.

For one moment would you send a positive thought to Johnny?
I will be more than happy to return the favor and send my positive thoughts in a direction of your choosing.

P.S. If you are interested in sending an e-card to get your positive thoughts to Johnny ASAP you can access through this link.

Click free e-card service and enter the information into the form fields:
Johnny Mucha
Room 504
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

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