Pay It Forward

I am not one for having favorite movies I watch over and over again. I normally watch a movie once and then move on. I remember the basic storyline and then maybe at some point in life I am reminded of the movie again. Pay It Forward is the movie that keeps coming up lately for me.

The Pay It Forward philosophy has been at the forefront of my mind – probably since August when I signed up for Project Miracles with Emily Levenson. It was an intense 6 weeks where I learned much about myself and just as much about others. I had complete strangers cheering me on, sharing their stories and offering advice and resources. Something about the generosity and openness of these strangers created a richer experience for me.

Then I connected with the awesome ladies from Propelle – hit up a couple networking happy hours, attended a fantastic retreat and signed up for their Rock It program. More strangers cheering me on, sharing information and offering assistance. Without any obligation, I was doing the same thing for strangers I met.

A few weeks ago I happened across an article about ‘Paying it forward’ which sort of summarized what I had been experiencing.

And just last week I saw my daughter wearing a t-shirt that I designed for an anti-bullying school event (which I totally forgot I even created.) It was the idea of standing up for and helping out someone. We have all been there before – somehow it forms a connection between us and amplifies the power of what one individual can accomplish in a big world.

Hmmm….so the light bulb has turned on, connection has been made, I get it! Most definitely be thankful for what you have, but take all that gratitude and share it with others. The connections multiply, the world seems a little smaller – yet more powerful and the possibilities are endless.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Pay It Forward.


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