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If you have ever attended a formal meeting – in the corporate world or elsewhere – the term Parking Lot is probably familiar. Parking Lots are used as a way to capture ideas, issues and comments that surface during a meeting. They are documented in some way so the information isn’t lost and action can be taken after the meeting. It is a great way to stay on track with agenda items so the meeting can end on time.

I was recently working with a client on a project we are both super excited about. When we get in that creative thinking mode there are ideas bouncing all over the room and we can go off-track quite easily. We definitely do not want to lose the ideas, but if we take time to discuss them further then we run the risk of the session goals not being met.

So I created a Parking Lot to capture all our awesome ideas that have nothing to do with what we are meeting about. Now we can reference and build an action plan for each item.

This past week I was sitting at my desk and totally off-track (okay I got sucked into Pinterest again) from what I planned to do when I noticed extra print outs of the Parking Lot. So I started to fill them in and WOAH! Before I knew it, two pages were filled. They have categories and subcategories – one for business, one for home and I think I will create another for family members. Now I can leave them at my desk and quickly capture my thoughts so I can get back focusing on the task at hand.

Do you ever get off-track during meetings or LIFE?!
What do you use to document your ideas and regain focus?
Feel free to use this one if you like – there is even a spot for a category name.

park idea

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