Me Day

Being a mompreneur (yes I just called myself that) I feel like I am constantly focused on the needs of everyone else. Often times I forget that I need some attention. If I want everyone else to be happy and healthy then I need to practice it too. Out of all the things that need maintained, I believe my health is top priority. I just finished up a 30-day journal challenge that reminded me of my need to be more proactive in maintaining my health. If I am not feeling healthy mentally and physically, it is very difficult to keep everything else in check.

So I created this template to help plan a 24-hour Me Day. 24 hours may seem extreme (at least for me it does) but it is a great exercise, even if you can only implement one practice from it.

After completing this exercise, I actually scheduled a much-needed massage and also started a search for chiropractors. Pain free and relaxed is how I want to feel in my hypothetical Me Day so these were some steps I could take to help me get closer.

When was the last time you had a Me Day? Try out this template to determine what you would do!

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What does your Me Day look like?

What one activity will you infuse into your days?

Where are the biggest challenges?

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