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Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.

This is one of my most favorite quotes from Soren Kierkegaard because I find it to be so true. How many situations have you looked back on and thought “If only I had known what I know now…”  The (better) solution seems so clear when you have all the information in front of you. Unfortunately, information is always missing when we have to make a decision. Staying frozen in time is not an option; we must move forward with life.

I do believe that the past is the past – it cannot be changed therefore precious time and energy should not be wasted dwelling on it. BUT – and this is important – some time must be spent reflecting on the past. Pausing and taking note of the events that occurred and the lessons learned are crucial in planning for a successful future. By reviewing history (in any context) we have so many answers that can be uncovered. If we harness those lessons we can begin to enjoy living life forwards.

The start of a new year is an ideal time to make some space for that reflection. This has been my practice for several years and it has done wonders for my goal planning and overall outlook on life.

So what do you think?

Want to try conducting a year-end review on your own? Follow these steps.
Once you are finished, post a comment on how it went. What did you learn?

Does tackling a review by yourself seem a bit too overwhelming? Schedule a Visual Review (virtual or face-to-face) with a visual problem solver (that would be me) to help you start living life forwards.

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