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We are officially half way into June, and I have been directing all my energy towards resetting for the remainder of the year. So far much of my focus has been on “the past”. Although I was slow to adopt this habit, I have seen how accepting past choices, behaviors and thoughts can easily clear a path for accomplishing goals in the future.

At times, it can seem easier to ignore situations where we or someone else was not operating at their best. Sometimes we can truly let go of little annoyances, bad moods or undesirable situations – “water under the bridge”, as they say. I do believe in that idiom, but I have also found that past negative experiences have a way of popping up later in unexpected places if we have not truly let all parts of it go.

Learn from your history but don’t live in it. – Steve Maraboli

In my newsletter last week, I shared a technique for “letting go” of resentful or negative thoughts. Personally, I chose to focus on situations that occurred in work environments throughout my career. Most of the situations I noted were related to others being disrespectful, but I did recollect instances where I could have handled situations much better.

I decided to write each memory in a balloon and when they were all filled I tore the sheet out of my sketchbook and threw it away. It was amazing how light I felt after ridding myself of feelings that I thought had already been gone. I recommend physically disposing of the paper to add some finality – burn it, crumple it into a ball and trash it, rip it up and blow the pieces into the wind, etc.

Are you ready to say good-bye to old thoughts, people or events that aren’t serving you well anymore?!
Download the template  > choose a topic to focus on  > fill each balloon with a negative memory  > and Let It Go.

Note – I had to add many more balloons to my template since I was holding on to 20+ years of memories, so if you need to fill up more than one, go for it!

How do you feel now?
Were you surprised with what was still hanging around in your mind?
Now that you freed up some space, what do you have room to focus on now?
Leave a comment below on how the process worked for you.

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