Keep It Simple

It has been a long day.

Four people and one large dog crammed in a very small and cold house during this arctic chill. My husband is quarantined to the basement with the Flu and Pneumonia while the rest of us have been upstairs finding ‘quiet’ things to do, disinfecting everything and trying to stay warm.

I can already feel the burn in my chest of a cough (or worse) forming. My teenage daughter seems to be healthy still – though I did see her walking outside in a t-shirt last weekend in 20-degree weather! My four year-old son is whom I am most determined to keep healthy.

The problem: he doesn’t get the whole ‘germ’ thing. He also is super independent and impatient so IF he remembers to wash his hands it is surely not 30 seconds of scrubbing with warm water and soap.
All day was spent lecturing him on washing hands, germs make you sick, blah, blah, blah.  (When I say ‘lecture’ I really mean ‘yell’, but I feel like a better Mom if I ‘lecture’). Initially I think he really did forget to wash his hands, but by dinner he was playing a game to see if he could sneak by my daughter and me without us realizing he didn’t wash after his many bath room visits.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

Sometimes I need this quote to snap me out of the redundant lecturing. It took me a little longer today but I did finally get it! I grabbed a tablet of Stattys Notes,  got to sketching and ta-da!

Keep it Simple

Fun. Simple. And most importantly – Effective.

He gave me the list of rules while I sketched each and then he picked a place to stick them (these are held up by static) and wouldn’t you know the next time he used the bathroom I heard soap being pumped and water running. He was so proud he followed the rules all by himself and wasn’t dragged back to the bathroom to wash his hands – yes, I actually did drag him back to the bathroom to make him wash his hands today. I told you it was a long day.

The moral of my story:

1 – Look at things from the perspective of your audience
2 – Understand how to effectively communicate to them
3 – Use visuals (they break language and age barriers)
4 – Keep it simple

What do you need to simplify so you can communicate better?

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