It Matters

yellow background with white circle in the middle. Illustrated Vote pin animates with top half of circle turning teal blue and bottom half turning light pink. 4 stars appear in blue and pink shapes. the word VOTE flies in from right and lands in the middle of the pin

I don’t have a long message for you…

Today, Election Day, is a high anxiety day for me. I’ve been up for 6 hours already (not planned!) and have avoided email and the internet in general thus far. Instead I decided to learn a new skill – creating animated gifs!

So I’ve shared my first go at an Adobe Animate gif.

Today is the last day to vote in the US. If you haven’t done so yet – check out to find out how you can.

Yes, voting does matter. Right now it especially matters for the safety of so many – people of color, LGBTQ+, immigrants, refugees, any person at high risk for COVID, etc.

That could possibly be your family member, friend, neighbor, colleague, client or one of theirs.

Here is a much better analogy than I would come up with for why voting matters by Ash Ambirge.

Happy Last Day of Voting!

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