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Since focusing on self-awareness these past couple months, I have had some crazy epiphanies. The most recent one: I am an artist! Yes, I actually just figured this one out.

If you have seen my work, you may be thinking – “Wait, What?!”

Yes, it is true that I:

  • create art
  • draw pictures
  • use artist tools such as markers

I receive many sincere compliments about my “artwork” and my talents as an artist and illustrator. Most times I respond with a Thank You, BUT…

“I am not really an artist” or

“I don’t consider myself an Illustrator…”

Blah, blah, blah!

I may create artwork differently than what my brain associated naturally with art or illustration, but I am warming up to the new titles. Whatever the hang-ups in my mind (there were many) I am beginning to feel comfortable saying “I am an artist and illustrator!”

I solidified my comfort by recently becoming a member of GPAC – Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council. I have worked with GPAC over the last few years and believe in their work. Now I can say that I am a member as well!

Sometimes the most obvious truths about our selves are so hard to see.

Where do you have trouble seeing the truths about yourself?


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