Hit the Reset Button

I am not certain how it happened so quickly, but June is here! In a few weeks, it will officially be summer and half way through the year.

So how do you feel about that?!

Maybe you feel excited about how much you have done thus far – and you should be proud of those accomplishments! Or you could now be breathing into a paper bag trying to stave off an anxiety attack because you haven’t even started to think about goals for this year.

Either way, this is actually an excellent time to pause and assess how the first half of 2015 is shaping up. With several months completed, you probably have a good idea of how your year is going so far. You also still have plenty of time to go beyond your initial intentions or turn things around to achieve your goals before December rolls around.

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I found myself Ready.To.Go. in early January – revamping my website content, establishing new service offerings – I was optimistic and excited about 2015! I even gave my year a name: The Year of Action. There definitely was action, but I could feel myself slipping. By mid-April, I was starting to panic (me + paper bag!). Since then, I have taken some time to pause and think about what my goals should be and how I can meet them.

I just finished up a visual review session (with myself) and feel confident I can move back into action. I know what I need for accountability (Propelle’s Virtual Summer Camp) and also know what I am working to complete (my first e-newsletter ever!). It is official – I am hitting the Reset Button!

How about you?!

What did the first half of 2015 look like for you?
What are the highlights?
Did you have any unexpected challenges?
Have you reviewed your goals lately?
Do they still resonate with you?
Are you a little late on setting your goals?
Why not take the next 5 minutes and set a goal?
What will you reset 

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