Give Yourself Some Gold Stars

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Since most of this month was spent letting go of the past, the rest of June I will be dedicating time towards my accomplishments.

Sometimes we get hung up on the Big Goals and ignore all the little steps we have taken to get us to the end. Those little wins along the way are so important though and shouldn’t go unnoticed. Back in April, I was challenged to celebrate my wins in the Propelle Rock It group. I liked it so much that I started to build a habit of awarding myself “gold stars” for daily accomplishments.

At the end of each day or week (depending on how focused I am) I fill out a template in my sketchbook with my top three wins. Sometimes they are REALLY big wins and other times I am reaching to find the smallest win, but I always write down three – even if my gold star was making the bed that day.

As I reflect through out the remainder of the year I will create a new sheet or possibly add to the one I have started. This My Gold Stars Template was shared in my June newsletter. Download and try dishing out gold stars for yourself!

What are some of your accomplishments from the year?
How do you feel after recognizing your wins?

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