When I first decided to begin this blog I set up a few rules to follow:

1 – Always include an image or graphic that I created with my post
2 – My posts must somehow align with the mission of my work
3 – Be passionate about the content of my posts
3 – Write a post one time a week at the very least

I am rather new at this so I am sure I will add to and possible tweak these guides. I am a stickler for trying to follow MY rules, (just my rules though, no one else’s!) so I was feeling a little down on myself since I didn’t post the last two weeks.

I just did a quick assessment of what my time looked like in December though and any guilt of breaking my rules has vanished. Creativity will do that to you – it is contagious. Like dominoes, one inspiring experience brings another and so on. Some inspiring experiences have fueled me like:

  • I started working with a new client who totally aligns with and appreciates my problem-solving skills
  • I conducted a productive End of Year Review session with another client
  • I was fortunate to work with The Sprout Fund for a second year during their Kids+Creativity Network Assembly

Even though I am exhausted, the creativity pumping through my veins is pushing me forward. And every day there seems to be some little nugget fueling it even more.

All this has finalized my decision to spend the remaining weeks of 2013 reflecting so I can prep for a whole new year. My next few posts are already forming so I can pass on some creativity to you too.

Here is an image of the Kids+Creativity event – total creative boost!

Graphic recording from 2013 Kids+Creativity Network Assembly
Graphic recording from 2013 Kids+Creativity Network Assembly

What has been boosting your creativity this month?

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