It Matters

I don’t have a long message for you… Today, Election Day, is a high anxiety day for me. I’ve been up for 6 hours already (not planned!) and have avoided email and the internet in general thus far. Instead I decided to learn a new skill – creating animated gifs! So I’ve shared my first … Read more

Holes in the Safety Net

July 15, 2020 There seems to be so much more information available since most of society has gone virtual. I’ve tried to select a webinar each week to listen and learn from. The University of Pittsburgh’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion has been hosting town halls covering important topics. I recently listened to their Holes … Read more

Cognitive Dissonance

June 18, 2020 Sometimes I LOVE social media – when it works for the good and amplifies voices that need heard. I happened across a video from Vernée Smith on a Facebook group and I believe her voice needs heard. Vernée so succinctly explains cognitive dissonance and her video with all its analogies was begging … Read more

Find the Pause Button

  Am I the only one who feels like the energy and atmosphere surrounding all of us is heavy and urgent right now? At first I personally thought it was a reflection of the holidays, my family obligations, and all the to-do’s attached to the launch of my new program. But lately I’ve recognized that … Read more

Tell Me A Story

My mind has always been pulled towards a good story, lately I have been thinking about why that is. I believe for me, stories are how I relate to other people whether connecting with family and friends or building new relationships with clients. Stories help me find commonalities with people I meet, but also teach … Read more

Process is My Friend

  I’ve had several discussions with clients around process lately – the uncertainty of needing a process, the distress from lacking a defined process, the anticipated pain, time, energy to figure out a process, and then the sense of relief, ease and confidence once the process is defined. Who knew process could bring so much emotion … Read more

Find your Spark

I was in desperate need of some downtime as February rolled around this year. It is a rough month after all the holiday celebrations, plus the not-so-sunny weather. It was a bit quiet, but I guess that was necessary for me. My focus has been on aligning my work better with the other parts of … Read more

Money = Broccoli

  A few months ago, I read an article from Entrepreneur that is still sticking with me. There was a specific tip that really changed my perspective on my finances. Know that making money is like making broccoli.   Money = Broccoli?! Yup! So basically, instead of getting hung up on money — treat it like you would … Read more

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