Flip It

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Our brains are so tricky some times. They play games and place limitations on so many things. Recently, I have experienced some brain games myself.

Last month I had an idea pop up that I could maybe offer workshops to guide others through a year-end review. The idea had promise even though it was totally out of my comfort zone, so of course my brain stepped in and immediately listed the reasons why I couldn’t do it. And I listened to those I CAN’Ts!

The thought of trying something new can be super scary. It seems much easier to list all the reasons why we should just do what is safe, but stepping outside of our comfort zone helps us to thrive and learn from the experiences.

Luckily, I knew the brain game well so as the idea kept coming back to me I decided to Flip It. Instead of focusing on all those I CAN’Ts, I found a reason to counter it and said I CAN!

For example:

I CAN’T because…I never did anything like this before –> I CAN because I know the content and just need to tweak the delivery

I CAN’T because…No one will sign up –> I CAN because I will promote the benefits to the right audience so they understand the value

I CAN’T because….It might suck –> I CAN because it just might succeed and I will put all my efforts into it so it can’t possibly suck

Sure I still feel some fear, but I keep going because with every new participant that signs up I feel more excitement and confidence that I CAN do this!

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What CAN’Ts are blocking you from moving forward?

How can you flip it to I CAN?

Try out this free template to help you. 

Check out my new workshops too!

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Expanding Perspectives

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Recently, I had a discussion with my daughter about additive and subtractive art techniques. Additive art, meaning to begin with a type of blank canvas then add materials, such as paint, to create. Subtractive art is created in reverse by starting with a material, such as a wood block, and removing parts. She commented on the difficulty level and amount of time needed to break down the steps for a subtractive art project. It was a different way of drawing than she was accustomed to, but it expanded her perspective on how she could create art.

Those same principles can be applied in life, not just in art. When faced with challenges, we may be accustomed to adding “more” as a solution, but it is quite possible the best answer might require subtracting something. Other times, we might need to look at what is missing and add to it.

We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them. – Albert Einstein

Even on a simple day-to-day level, we can practice expanding our perspectives by stopping to think first before passing judgment and acting. For example, a few days ago a person driving behind me was repeatedly beeping his horn for me to turn at a red light while I was waiting for traffic to clear. I first thought he was a super impatient road-raging maniac, but then I thought maybe he could be late to a very important meeting like a job interview that he desperately needed or he could have even been testing out his new horn (not likely, but possible). Although, I was very annoyed at first, I tried to think of what he was seeing or experiencing and let the annoyance pass as I continued driving to my destination. We never know the whole story, and it is possible that from his angle he could not see the line of cars coming down from the adjacent hill. Maybe he could have thought that first, before (over)reacting.

I hear the idea of expanding perspectives in corporate speak often. It is in phrases like – looking at the big picture, taking a high level view, conducting 360 reviews and taking a systems thinking approach. However it is described, businesses recognize that looking at all the information in a different way, finding patterns and determining how things are impacted is key to thinking strategically and making better decisions.

Just as we grow with new experiences, our perspectives should widen to understand people or concepts just a little more each day too.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Is there a certain topic you are very passionate about?

You don’t necessarily need to agree with it, but try to understand an opposing view.

Have you run across a problem you can’t solve? Maybe try a different approach than you are used to.

Check out some additive art here and here.
And subtractive art here, here, and here.

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Sending Positive Vibes

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This month ended nicely, with my thoughts on giving thanks to what and whom I have in my life. Unfortunately, it has also been a difficult month, experiencing both personal loss and sadness/frustration over global circumstances. Although I am feeling a range of emotions, I have remained focused on being a magnet for what I want to see more of in life.

This reminds me of a Positive Vibes List template I created, which is a simple list of all the people who may need some positive vibes sent to them. I have kept my own list on my white board for several years. It consists of people I know, but also strangers whose stories I have heard and felt they could use an extra good vibe. Every time I look at the list, I send out a happy thought to each person.

The act of sparing a few seconds to think a happy thought doesn’t take much effort, but I believe there is more power to that act. By giving positive vibes out into the world, I made a choice, without even knowing it, that I have certain expectations of others – that everyone should act with empathy and kindness. I raised the bar for myself and others around me.

I think the state of our world requires more of us to stop and think before we act and choose what we want to attract more of through our actions. So as I look at my list and notice my frustrations, I choose to be more empathetic and kind. I choose to yell a little less, appreciate a little more, accept and celebrate others’ differences, avoid judging without the full story and take ownership for the role I play in this world.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Try making a Positive Vibes List for yourself.

What does the list tell you about your cares and frustrations?

Is there somewhere you can stop and think and choose a different action?

Hey Pittsburgh-ers!
Register for the Review Reflect Relaunch Workshop on December 15th.

Feel proud of this year’s work, confident you are moving in the right direction and in control of your future plans for your business with a completed visual story map for 2016.

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Be A Magnet

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Lately, I have been digging into the Law of Attraction – the idea that focusing on a positive (or negative) thought can actually bring a positive (or negative) experience to you. So far, I have learned that our beliefs seem to be a guiding force for where our day begins and ends.

This is not necessarily a new concept to me, in the past I wrote about the Power of Positive Thinking and using Mind Over Matter. I also recall many years ago, in my cubicle job, watching Laura Goodwich’s video, Seeing Red Cars. She talked about where we focus our thoughts and how that impacts our lives. Laura discusses our tendency to make a list of everything we don’t want instead of what we do want. Our focus is on the negative, so guess what we get more of. She uses a fun analogy of when we purchase a new car, we all of sudden notice how many other cars are the same color (or make or model).

I kicked off this month by joining Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s newest meditation experience – Become What You Believe. I also started reading Gay Hendricks’ book, The Big Leap, and I have not been able to put it down. He writes about having a lifetime of beliefs, fears, and habits that can really get in our way. His philosophy for overcoming these is rather simple and truly fascinating. The perspective of my own actions and beliefs has changed so much already since I started the book.

Is it just coincidental I stumbled upon these resources at this particular time? From what I have learned so far, I would say no, not at all. Once you start directing your thoughts a certain way, you do notice or attract more of it. Our minds really are magnets for what we focus on.

This month, I am spending a significant amount of time trying to understand Attraction more and put it into my daily practice. I started off by deciding what I really do want to attract with this free template. I am also trying to pay attention to the thoughts I have and why I have them. Sometimes fear takes over and negative thoughts start popping up. I try to switch the thought quickly before it can grow and become a focus. It is more difficult than expected, but good practice.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

What do you do to attract what you want?

Share your practices in the comments.

Oh, and don’t forget to download the free template.

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Me Day

Me Time -

Being a mompreneur (yes I just called myself that) I feel like I am constantly focused on the needs of everyone else. Often times I forget that I need some attention. If I want everyone else to be happy and healthy then I need to practice it too. Out of all the things that need maintained, I believe my health is top priority. I just finished up a 30-day journal challenge that reminded me of my need to be more proactive in maintaining my health. If I am not feeling healthy mentally and physically, it is very difficult to keep everything else in check.

So I created this template to help plan a 24-hour Me Day. 24 hours may seem extreme (at least for me it does) but it is a great exercise, even if you can only implement one practice from it.

After completing this exercise, I actually scheduled a much-needed massage and also started a search for chiropractors. Pain free and relaxed is how I want to feel in my hypothetical Me Day so these were some steps I could take to help me get closer.

When was the last time you had a Me Day? Try out this template to determine what you would do!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

What does your Me Day look like?

What one activity will you infuse into your days?

Where are the biggest challenges?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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