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Lately, I have been digging into the Law of Attraction – the idea that focusing on a positive (or negative) thought can actually bring a positive (or negative) experience to you. So far, I have learned that our beliefs seem to be a guiding force for where our day begins and ends.

This is not necessarily a new concept to me, in the past I wrote about the Power of Positive Thinking and using Mind Over Matter. I also recall many years ago, in my cubicle job, watching Laura Goodwich’s video, Seeing Red Cars. She talked about where we focus our thoughts and how that impacts our lives. Laura discusses our tendency to make a list of everything we don’t want instead of what we do want. Our focus is on the negative, so guess what we get more of. She uses a fun analogy of when we purchase a new car, we all of sudden notice how many other cars are the same color (or make or model).

I kicked off this month by joining Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s newest meditation experience – Become What You Believe. I also started reading Gay Hendricks’ book, The Big Leap, and I have not been able to put it down. He writes about having a lifetime of beliefs, fears, and habits that can really get in our way. His philosophy for overcoming these is rather simple and truly fascinating. The perspective of my own actions and beliefs has changed so much already since I started the book.

Is it just coincidental I stumbled upon these resources at this particular time? From what I have learned so far, I would say no, not at all. Once you start directing your thoughts a certain way, you do notice or attract more of it. Our minds really are magnets for what we focus on.

This month, I am spending a significant amount of time trying to understand Attraction more and put it into my daily practice. I started off by deciding what I really do want to attract with this free template. I am also trying to pay attention to the thoughts I have and why I have them. Sometimes fear takes over and negative thoughts start popping up. I try to switch the thought quickly before it can grow and become a focus. It is more difficult than expected, but good practice.

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What do you do to attract what you want?

Share your practices in the comments.

Oh, and don’t forget to download the free template.

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