About Me

photo of Emily, a white middle-age woman, looking at the camera while holding a marker in hand ready to draw on large sheet of paper

Two Decades of Visual Problem Solving

Before starting my own business I worked in environments including corporate training, higher ed, furniture retail, even an NFL team. These organizations all worked differently but I found commonality in the challenges & tools I used to overcome them.

Big-hearted Independent Thinkers & Doers

Leaders, educators, advocates, entrepreneurs, volunteers, conveners & innovators. Working with clients who focus on making the world a better place is totally my jam! Each does it in their own way as we use visual tools to create a thriving world.

A Scientifically-proven Approach

Whether we’re addressing accessibility, race matters, gender equity, sustainability or other social challenges; visual tools help organize thoughts, simplify complex topics, process, prioritize & plan, engage audiences and add spark to your story.

“You have a nuanced understanding of people’s affect and tell their stories through visuals in a way that always seems to liberate.”

University of Wyoming | Shepard Symposium on Social Justice Planning Team

What does Visual Strategy mean?

In a nutshell, I draw visual tools that empower people to take strategic action! My clients include everyone from entrepreneurs and busy moms to businesses and nonprofits focused on social change.

Here’s how it works…

I sketch in one-on-one sessions, group meetings, and at events, to capture thoughts, dialogue or presentations, as vibrant pictures. These verbal and visual cues combine to create powerful connections. It’s engaging and a scientifically proven visual approach to help you or your team organize ideas, simplify complex topics, map out solutions, energize audiences, or add spark to your story.

Visual Strategy as a Superpower!

No one knows your work better than you do. Chances are you’ve already got all the answers you are looking for but just can’t see them. That’s where I come in!

We collaboratively strategize to find the best solutions as we visualize problems from a macro and micro level. Why does this process work so well? Visuals help us make connections, because even as we’re talking, you’ll see patterns and possibilities appear before your eyes in ways you’ve never considered them before. You’ll make connections you didn’t realize were there and become even more clear on what steps you need to take next.

Working together to impact the world

We begin with a call to discuss your particular needs and determine the best option for you. Regardless of which option you choose, we work collaboratively to ensure all necessary content is captured.

While we talk, I’ll be creating a visual representation of the conversation, which you’ll be watching me create in real time – either through a screen share or in person during a meeting. And that’s where the visual magic happens!

My process may differ depending on how we work together – individually or in a group, virtually or face-to-face – but the end result remains the same. I solve your problems using visual representations of complex ideas.

Every month I share visual stories, reflection tools & resources to take action.

Content to help you tame the chaos and thrive in your work & life

Let’s Work Together
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