Hi, my name is Emily Marko, and I’m a Visual Problem Solver. I work with my clients to solve problems using visual representations of complex ideas. I have been using visuals to help others capture ideas, build action plans and share stories for 15 years.

Art and creative expression have always been a huge part of my life. The act of making things has always been a passion of mine. It was through this drive to create, that I discovered a unique way of merging my skills to help others gain clarity and communicate ideas. It is so exciting to me when color, words, and images help me (and my clients) move away from indecision and into action.

The Purpose of My Work

purposeSince I naturally think in visuals, I can literally “see” patterns form. This makes it super easy for me to help identify different options to take so others can confidently move forward with a plan. I follow the philosophy of the Gestalt Theory – the Whole is bigger than the Parts, but the Parts make up the Whole. Which means I work to help clients look at a problem at a macro and micro level. If you want the whole (of your life, your work, etc) to look different, first we must take it apart, inspect each piece and purposefully change (tweak) something.

I want to help others make their lives easier so they can focus on the important stuff. Because when people are thriving not just surviving, they are happier, healthier and safer. When they are living fully (living their dash) they feel in control of their lives so they feel empowered, not stuck. When people feel in control they make better choices and that makes the world a better place for all of us.

Who I Work With

valuesBefore starting my own business, I worked in several different environments including corporate training, higher education, furniture retail, and even an NFL team. These organizations all worked differently, but I found a commonality in the challenges they faced and the tools I employed to help overcome them. Those visual tools have been refined specifically for purpose-driven individuals and groups.

I work with passionate, big-hearted, independent thinkers working toward a common goal and sharing the same core values to make the world a better place. They each do it in their own way. They all seem to be looking for that elusive life-work-fit, as they create content, manage their team, or help clients during nap-times and on weekends. They pour their soul into what they do, but begin to wonder if they will ever meet their goals. As leaders, educators, parents, entrepreneurs, volunteers, collaborators and innovators – they are focused on living a proactive and positive lifestyle. Whether it’s a day job, hobby, dream or something in the middle, their objective is to thrive – not just survive.

How We Work Together

processWe always begin with a call to discuss your particular needs and determine the best package to meet those needs. Regardless of which package you choose, we work collaboratively to be certain all necessary content is captured.

My process may differ depending on how we work together – individually or in a group, virtually or face-to-face – but the end result remains the same. I solve your problems using visual representations of complex ideas.

1 Information Collection.

The saying Content is King rings true here. Gathering details and asking questions about the past, current state and ideal future outcomes are key to producing a useful visual. Sometimes that information is provided prior to a session, but often times that is the purpose of the session – to pull out the information from individuals and groups.

2 Visual Translation.

While we talk or others share content that’s where the visual magic happens! My brain begins to simplify and convert all those conversations into a synthesized visual – sometimes on the fly in live sessions and other times it occurs slower over several conversations. The end result is all your information visually organized into manageable pieces.

3 Action Planning.

Often those organized visuals are enough to get you moving in the direction you need, but sometimes you need a little more. We will end our work together with a follow-up to determine your immediate next steps – that may mean a follow up strategy session or possibly continuing our work together with another package. Either way, I make sure you have an action plan to follow.


calmAs a visual problem solver, I am a mix of a strategist, coach, and artist. I guide you to finding the best solutions by asking questions, keeping you focused on your goals and providing solutions in a visual format. I help you create the space necessary to reflect, generate possibilities, form a plan, and tell a story. No one knows your work better than you do. Chances are you’ve already got all the answers you are looking for but just can’t see them. That’s where I come in! The result is a clear, fun, and informative visual that you take away and use as a resource as you continue your work.

While I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, and independent entrepreneurs, my mission remains the same with each and every client. I use visual problem-solving tools to move others from chaos to calm so they can change the world.