A Job for Every Dollar

Earlier this month I shared some tips on being proactive in my newsletter. One of them was on the topic of maintaining finances.

I believe there are two types of people when it comes to money – spenders and savers. I fall under the category of saver; my husband is a spender. So it makes for some heated discussions when finances are brought up. We struggled to compromise on our finances for years and then I found YNAB (You Need A Budget).

I have always believed that in order to maintain financial stability, one must know where each dollar is going. I just never had a good tool to keep track until this program. It changed everything for my personal and business finances.

The philosophy is to assign one job for every dollar. It is simple and effective.

For monthly and day-to-day expenses, budgeting is easy for me, but when those yearly or random expenses pop up it can get tricky. I know every year my car will need inspected, an oil change and new tires and in the past I would deal with it when the expense already occurred. I now budget for all anticipated expenses by estimating amounts, dividing it by the number of months remaining and save a little each month. This way I cannot forget or use the money elsewhere.

I feel more in control of my finances because I know what I am saving and spending for. I might not be in the financial position I would ideally want, but I know I have a plan for future finances; which will help move me to a happy money place.

I even set my daughter up with her own budget through the program. Although she is a saver as well, she still needed a tool to track everything. it is a great way to teach teens how to manage money.

No matter if you use YNAB or another program – establishing a budget and assigning a “job” for each dollar is key to proactive saving and spending.

Disclaimer: YNAB has a referral system. If someone signs up through my referral link, they receive a discount on the software and I receive a certain amount in my account. I am not one to partake in referral systems normally, BUT this program is so fantastic I recommend it to everyone. Whether you sign up through me or not, I strongly recommend trying out the trial. It is life changing.

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What is your biggest challenge when it comes to finances?

How do you stay proactive in your spending and saving?

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3 thoughts on “A Job for Every Dollar”

  1. Hey Emily! Love the blog and look forward to reading every post that comes into my inbox! Jason (hubby) and I were literally JUST talking about our budgeting when your post came through, so it couldn’t have come at a better time! We use quicken right now but are very frustrated with how “un-user friendly” it’s become. We checked out the YNAB site and are interested in trying it out! Unfortunately, though, the referral link you included didn’t work (at least not on my iPhone or iPad). I would love for you to get credit – is there a referral code or some other way of signing up through you? We’re going to do the trial run to make sure we like it, so no rush! Again, love the blog and thank you for sharing this site!

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